A Letter to My Future Self

Let me start by saying bismillahirahmanirahim and alhamdulillah.

It's the year of 2014 and as I look back, almost everything had change for the better and I'm grateful of who I am today. Ever since matriculation, my life had been great and peaceful. I met new people from all walk of lives and I experienced things I would had never imagine I would do back then.

Being here in UKM is a blessing to me. I can still remember when I first got my acceptance result here in UKM in bachelor in Physiotherapy and I was disappointed for I had always wanted to be a doctor. I cried and frustrated of myself. My parents were right behind me but other people around me kept asking why didn't I was accepted for medic? And I had no answer.

I was hesitated at first and was even weighing on applying a semi-gov university. But, alhamdulliah, with His guide, here I am feeling better than ever. University life differs from Matriculation or high school. Here, everyone is the same. E…

Petr Cech; a legend

Hi :)

So, guess what? It's been a year since I last posted an entry for this blog. I doubt anyone is missing me hah! The purpose of this post is in honour of the transferring ofPetr Cech, from the greatest club of the world CFC (bias, I know ;p) to the Gunners. A dedication to the man who started it all.

Petr Cech had been playing for Chelsea since 2007 and was brilliant ever since. The last EPL season, he was benched for most of the games and thus he decided to leave the club, searching for a new place in Arsenal. It hurt me honestly. So much. This is like Lampard all over again.

Petr Cech was the sole reason I'm a Chelsea fan in the first place. He caught my attention during the World Cup 2006. My obsession over Chelsea and Germany national team. They all started because of him. I found out that he was playing for Czech Republic. Later then, I was told he was actually the goalkeeper of Chelsea FC. Then I started supporting the club which had introduced me to Micheal Ballack…

USA, You Just Got Mullered

I just have to post this to shake off the excitement from the game last night. So, last night Germany face off with USA and won 1-0 and both teams are through to the knock-out rounds. And last night was also the first game of Germany in this year WC that I got to watch live. When they played Portugal, I was still amid my final exam and I missed the game against Ghana. So, yeah. Last night was really exciting though the game was not as exciting. I was hoping for more action from them but nvm, Muller scored so there you go.

I really can't stop smiling when the game started. I literally had to hide my smile under my blanket, you know, in case my brothers saw it even though we were watching in the dark because it was like 12 a.m. here in Malaysia. It was raining and they played drenched in sweats and rain and the view couldn't got any hotter (I'm sorry couldn't resist myself). Even their coach was looking so finee.

Hummels was looking so hot and I'm pretty sure he just…

June Baby


Assalamualaikum :)

Today is June 15th! So, happy birthday Nurafarahin binti Ab Aziz! You're 20, girl~ Stop growing haha. I want to express how big my love for you is. It's as big as the earth and the sky, with all the little people and stars. You are a fine lady now (tho not as fabulous as me ha!)

Farah my cuppy cake,

Thanks for being my friend. We've know each other for more than 7 years and we only got close in the fifth (or fourth?) year of our friendship. Because of what? Because of boys over flower! I remember asking if you watched that drama and you said yes and the rest were history. Came the period of spazzing and squealing and scribbling your desk. Good times good times. The first group that we spazzed about was SuJu! Or 2PM? I can't remember. Too many memories of us during high school that I didn't know which is which haha.

Do you know that whenever I'm having troubles or have to choose between two options or receive good ne…

Infinite Rant

After going through their MVs in my folder, I have come to realize that I used to love these guys to death. And I still do. It’s just that these days I’m all about EXO that I forget how precious and dear they were once to me.
They touch my heart in a way no other people can do and I’m mad at myself for abandoning them. Hearing their songs that have made me fell in love with them helplessly, watching their antics in Infinite Sesame Player. All those things are what I’d come to love.
I feel so bad that I keep forgetting them as I’m busy pursuing EXO. Infinite was one of the highlights of my life. I can still remember my first time watching their performance on Music Bank Tokyo. They performed Before the Dawn and it was love at first sight.
Of course it was L that stole my heart and to this day, he still is the one. There was once when Sunggyu caught my eyes (or ears) because his voice is just so mesmerizing but L took it back because he’s a dork and I love him as he is.
I feel like …

Of Hopes and Desires

Assalamualaikum :)

It's been awhile. Rindu kita tak? Ngee :3

Ini untuk motivasi diri. 
Sebenarnya, I tak tahu nak cerita apa ermm tapi hati ni terpanggil untuk update blog, harharhar. Rasa macam hari ni sweet sangat kalau update blog, harharhar. Okay stop. Sebenarnya lagi, sekarang I tengah relaks kat rumah padahal 2 hari lagi ada test MUET and a week or so, ada final exam. Rasa rasa nya dah boleh nampak masa depan yang gelap tu kalau cenggini perangaiya, tehee ♥

Disebabkan dah lama gila gila punya gila tak update, so hari ni, mari lah kita bersama sama cramp kan pelbagai cerita 2 bulan dalam satu entry, yeayy! Okay, sebenarnya lagi, tak ada kisah menarik pun tapi ada la sikit kot tapi tak berapa nak menarik tapi erm cerita je la tapi lagi macam malas pulak. *please put that stone down :p*
Mari kita mulakan dengan cerita yang paling penting kekononnya la. I kan rasa macam ughhh, duduk dalam penjara kat Matriks. Bila balik rumah, dapat surf Internet, rasa macam ahh heavens nyaaa. Th…

Spazzing + Current's Hectic Life

Assalammualaikum and halluzzz dear friends *insertcutewavesgif*

First of allzzz, sangat sangat excited macam nak gila dah ni, tak sabar gila, sumpah tak sabar sangat sangat brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Okay, macam ni introduction nya. Pada satu malam yang sunyi, masa tengah baring dalam bilik, tiba tiba, farahin call. And dia pun macam 'aku ada benda nak bagitahu ni blahblahblah*takingat*blahblahblah. EXO ARE CONFIRMED FOR TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU.' And I pun jerit dengan tersangat kuat sampai bilik depan pun boleh dengar. HAHHAA.

Lantak la kan. Asalkan aku bahagia. Ohhh, best sangat. Tak sabar sangat ^^ Serious tak sabar. Biar la dorang jadi background je ke apa ke, I tak kira. My Exo :') My babies <3~~ Dan dan, not to mention, my other boyfriend, Myungsoo aka L pun akan berlakon jugak dalam cerita tuh! DOUBLE CLOUD NINE BABEEEHHHHHH~~

Okay, Byha, cukup. Cukup. Relax. Breath. Ingat, awak nak exam lagi berapa minggu je ni. Haha. Tapi apa pun, hari hari yang dilalui semakin…