Infinite Rant

After going through their MVs in my folder, I have come to realize that I used to love these guys to death. And I still do. It’s just that these days I’m all about EXO that I forget how precious and dear they were once to me.

They touch my heart in a way no other people can do and I’m mad at myself for abandoning them. Hearing their songs that have made me fell in love with them helplessly, watching their antics in Infinite Sesame Player. All those things are what I’d come to love.

I feel so bad that I keep forgetting them as I’m busy pursuing EXO. Infinite was one of the highlights of my life. I can still remember my first time watching their performance on Music Bank Tokyo. They performed Before the Dawn and it was love at first sight.

Of course it was L that stole my heart and to this day, he still is the one. There was once when Sunggyu caught my eyes (or ears) because his voice is just so mesmerizing but L took it back because he’s a dork and I love him as he is.

I feel like crying right now. The nostalgic feeling with Only Tears in the background as I’m typing this make me wants to bawl my eyes out. Reminiscing is one of the things that always move me to tears. It’s amazing how just by pulling out one memory after another can have so much effect on me.

2011 is my favorite year to be honest. It was the last year of my high school life. The year I’ve become a hardcore K-popper. I miss 2011 so much because it held so many beautiful moments I would like to go back every now and then.

It’s a little sad knowing there’s no way I’ll able to go back to the times but reminiscing is one of my favorite past times.

I will hold the memories dearly and live in them.

p/s: Sem break is nearing which means final exam is waiting :/