Petr Cech; a legend

Hi :)

So, guess what? It's been a year since I last posted an entry for this blog. I doubt anyone is missing me hah! The purpose of this post is in honour of the transferring of Petr Cech, from the greatest club of the world CFC (bias, I know ;p) to the Gunners. A dedication to the man who started it all.

Petr Cech had been playing for Chelsea since 2007 and was brilliant ever since. The last EPL season, he was benched for most of the games and thus he decided to leave the club, searching for a new place in Arsenal. It hurt me honestly. So much. This is like Lampard all over again.

Petr Cech was the sole reason I'm a Chelsea fan in the first place. He caught my attention during the World Cup 2006. My obsession over Chelsea and Germany national team. They all started because of him. I found out that he was playing for Czech Republic. Later then, I was told he was actually the goalkeeper of Chelsea FC. Then I started supporting the club which had introduced me to Micheal Ballack at that time. He was a German thus explaining my love for Germany football team.

He is a legend. A talented player and even a wonderful human being. You will be missed Petr. I won't forget that time we won Champion League title, all because of your excellent and brilliant saves during the penalty kicks against Bayern Munich.

I wish you the very best and I'm glad you're still a Chelsea man (just like Lampard, god this is getting sadder) and you keep contact with the other players. The love you guys portray, it's overwhelming. I know you will do great things in your new club. That won't stop me from loving you and supporting you for the things that make you happy.

All hail the Chelsea legend, Petr Cech 

Honorary mention;

Frank Lampard is starting his American debut with the NYC Football Club. Wishing him love and good luck 

Bye bye strangers!

p/s: Ramadhan kareem :)