A Letter to My Future Self

Let me start by saying bismillahirahmanirahim and alhamdulillah.

It's the year of 2014 and as I look back, almost everything had change for the better and I'm grateful of who I am today. Ever since matriculation, my life had been great and peaceful. I met new people from all walk of lives and I experienced things I would had never imagine I would do back then.

Being here in UKM is a blessing to me. I can still remember when I first got my acceptance result here in UKM in bachelor in Physiotherapy and I was disappointed for I had always wanted to be a doctor. I cried and frustrated of myself. My parents were right behind me but other people around me kept asking why didn't I was accepted for medic? And I had no answer.

I was hesitated at first and was even weighing on applying a semi-gov university. But, alhamdulliah, with His guide, here I am feeling better than ever. University life differs from Matriculation or high school. Here, everyone is the same. Everyone is struggling for dean's list in exam, everyone is participating in programs or events for merit, everyone is under stress to do assignments and clinical practices.

I learnt a lot even though I am still in my first year here and I have 3 more years before graduating. I'm blessed with friends with beautiful souls who always help me to be better as a muslimah. To think that I'm now able to communicate in English moderately with my friends, to talk in front of quite a number of strangers, to approach strangers professionally, it's just wonderful. As I said before, I've done things I'd never done before.

Of course, there're a lot more to learn in life and I'm in a process of creating and modifying myself, I'm as grateful as I can ever be. There's nothing more I can ask from Allah. He gives me more than enough and I'm happy with the way life happens to me right now.

Sometimes, I do feel incomplete but I gather my senses and say to myself, "Bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah, Biha". I am grateful. I am grateful. Alhamdulillah.

Life is doing good and I couldn't be happier :)

p/s : Loving exercising and sightseeing these days :p