USA, You Just Got Mullered

I just have to post this to shake off the excitement from the game last night. So, last night Germany face off with USA and won 1-0 and both teams are through to the knock-out rounds. And last night was also the first game of Germany in this year WC that I got to watch live. When they played Portugal, I was still amid my final exam and I missed the game against Ghana. So, yeah. Last night was really exciting though the game was not as exciting. I was hoping for more action from them but nvm, Muller scored so there you go.

I really can't stop smiling when the game started. I literally had to hide my smile under my blanket, you know, in case my brothers saw it even though we were watching in the dark because it was like 12 a.m. here in Malaysia. It was raining and they played drenched in sweats and rain and the view couldn't got any hotter (I'm sorry couldn't resist myself). Even their coach was looking so finee.

Hummels was looking so hot and I'm pretty sure he just got a haircut. Both Podolski and Klose got to play and I was happy to see them especially Klose. Schurrle played in the last 10 minutes so I was fine with it too. Anyway, I do think the ref was being a bit bias and that Germany didn't need that kind of treatment to win because they are as awesome as ever (and hot too).

So, Muller scored a goal and he did that cute face that got me every time and I died and was revived just to be dead again when he did that face yet again. Okay, even I didn't understand what I just typed. My mind is occupied by last night's game. It had been years since I last saw them play. Yes, years. I missed Euro 2012 because of matriculation and thank God that I have the chance to watch WC this year cause come on, Mama needs some sugar.

I really hope (believe) they will win the cup and that they deserve to win for their hard works (and handsome faces, hot bods and the list goes on).

Best of luck my babies! Lets win it this time!

So for now, lets enjoy the photos from Hugo Boss campaign. Brace yourself, ladies. It's going to be a tough ride.

Hummels, get out.

Schurrle, stop.

Jerome, just what are you doing back there?

And this cutie pie, Thomas Muller, stole my heart back in 2010 and never gave it back 

p/s: Ramadhan is coming :)