June Baby


Assalamualaikum :)

Today is June 15th! So, happy birthday Nurafarahin binti Ab Aziz! You're 20, girl~ Stop growing haha. I want to express how big my love for you is. It's as big as the earth and the sky, with all the little people and stars. You are a fine lady now (tho not as fabulous as me ha!)

Farah my cuppy cake,

Thanks for being my friend. We've know each other for more than 7 years and we only got close in the fifth (or fourth?) year of our friendship. Because of what? Because of boys over flower! I remember asking if you watched that drama and you said yes and the rest were history. Came the period of spazzing and squealing and scribbling your desk. Good times good times. The first group that we spazzed about was SuJu! Or 2PM? I can't remember. Too many memories of us during high school that I didn't know which is which haha.

Do you know that whenever I'm having troubles or have to choose between two options or receive good news, the first person I look for is you? Okay, not really, I tell my mom first and then you. Still, you still have to feel honoured okay? I remembered that time when I was weighing my options of whether to come here (UKM) or another uni and you gave me advice, told me to think carefully and that really helped me worked out things. So, I'm grateful to Allah for blessing me with a friend like you.

A friend who never get tired listening to my rants. A friend who laugh at my silly jokes. A friend who always share the same interest in me. A friend who always has different taste in men (lol). A friend who is talented and smart. A friend who is so tall that I won't let her wear heels (at all). A friend who supports me when I told her one of biggest secrets (okay, two actually). A friend whom I will keep forever.

You are leaving in a couple of months and I don't want you to. I seriously, genuinely won't let you to. But in the same time, I want you to chase your dream. I want you to explore the world and marvel on His creation. I want you to be a successful woman, who is righteous and intelligent. I will always pray for your success and I will always support you the same way you always do, maybe more. So, go. Travel and spread your wings and acquire all of the little and big things those made the world a better place.

When you are there, don't be sad. Remember, Allah is always with you. Seek for His help and He will help you. Look at the happy things in life rather than being afraid of changes. Life is an adventure and we are too young to still be living in our comfort zone. Take as many chances those cross your path. Never regret any of your decision or mistake. Be grateful to Him for all of His blessings. Never forget your root and your role as a 'musafir' in this world. And be happy.

I love you lillahi ta'ala. I love you my whole life. I love you as much as I love reading books (and you know how crazy I am when it comes to books). I love you for you.

So again, happy birthday, selamat hari lahir, sannah helwah, saengil chuka haeyo.

Byha & Farahin
Ukhuwah fillah, till jannah
(Persahabatan/persaudaraan kerana Allah)

p/s: Two more papers waiting gahh