Exo, Saranghaja! (Let's love)

Oomakkauu! Besarnyaaa, haha O_O

Ayooooo wassup! I'm a gangsta, yo. Roll like a buffalo. So, here's a brief update of my current life.

I'm obsessed with Exo. Lyk seriously. Sleep. Exo. Shower. Exo. Eat. Exo. TV. Exo. Internet. Exo. Tumblr. Exo. Youtube. Exo. And the list goes on and on. How can all 12 of them be so perfect /le creys T^T And I spend most of my time watching Running Man and How I Met Your Mother.

I'm over my crush. I have no new crush. I'm gonna hunt for one when I attend Matriculation. I love the life of a forever-alone fan girl, wooo hooo. Wait, I forgot. I'm already married to Mr. L aka Kim Myungsoo, teehee 

So far, life is good. Hihi ^^

And oh! I'm a unicorn. *flap flap*

Buh-bye, peeps *waves*

p/s : I'm in a crazy mode rite now, erkkk.