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Fandom is about fandom, it's a great big social club

I realized that a lot of people will go trolling over the k-pop fever us fangirls have but they knew nothing about it. They don't know how much courage we get just by supporting them. Haters and antis don't know that these people give us joy in life. Sure enough, these idols have their own flaws but nobody's perfect. I'm proud to be a fan girl, an obsessive maniac and whatsoever stupid nicknames people will call us. 

Nothing, I repeat, nothing can stop our affectionate feelings towards them. So, I guess there is no use of  trashing and there is no use of defending either. We can't satisfy all people. 

Su Ho, the smiling angel ; Kris, the ice prince ; Xiu Min, the chinese bun ; Lu Han, the baby face ;  Se Hun, the shy maknae ; D.O, the derp ; Tao, the buing buing ; Lay, the forgetful unicorn ; Kai, the face-palming kid ; Baekhyun, the cutie pie ; Chanyeol, the happy virus

I love each and everyone of them to the bits. So, EXO has officially become one of my fav groups after Infinite, 2PM, SNSD and SuJu.

Birthday Shout Out ;
 (since I'll be gone in May, this is earlier birthday wishes for my babies)

Huang Zhi Tao, Happy 19th birthday, May 2, 1993

Byun Baek Hyun, Happy 20th Birthday, May 6, 1992

Kim Joon Myun, Happy 21th Birthday, May 22 , 1993
That's all. Adios :) Haters gonna hate~~

p/s : Chelsea's through to the Champions League's final! T^T so proud.