Either This Or That

These days, I prefer simplicity. No boyfriends, no dramas, no jealousy, no bitches. Just a simple life. My mind is more clear than ever and life could never been better. Or happier. Or merrier. On the another note, I want times to freeze and enjoy every little moments. Again, I warn you, I hate complex things so just back off, okay?

Just so you know, I enjoy being single and free. I enjoy having crush on someone. I enjoy flirting with guys ; hot guys particularly. I enjoy marrying my bias in my mind.

I have no regret whatsoever now that I had let you go. I'm glad I made that decision. I'm thankful that you've gone from my life, forever. I repeat, forever.

By the way, I love your new hair, Mr Crush <3

p/s : EXO to debut in less than a week! So hype c(: