I'm Living In A Fantasy World

I'm obsessing over Infinite's Kim Myungsoo or better known as L. The face of the group, he is my ideal guy. I love just everything about him, tehee :3

warning : fangirling spam

His seductive gaze

His soft side, awwww <3

His smexy smirk

His cuteness-overload smile

His guitar playing ability

His infamous poker face

His burning stare

His goofiness

His cold exterior

His sexiness

His pucker lips I wanna smack, wahahhahahhahahaha :p

My first impression might seem cold, but I can be your closest friend. - Kim Myungsoo

He's P E R F E C T

Dia berlakon drama ni sekarang. 'Shut up flower boy band.' I belum sempat download lagi. Tak kira, nak tengok jugak nanti, grrr. Oppa, no kiss scene please :( Okay? Hehe

Saranghaeyo, Myungsoo oppa

p/s : Lagi 17 hari result nak keluar :S