Happy L Day

L if for love

13 March 1992
Kim Myungsoo was born to rock this world :)

How can I begin my birthday letter for you? Okay, let's start with your awesomeness. The first time I saw you on TV, I didn't really notice your face. To be honest, I thought you were old. I was new to k-pop on that time so I never really heard of Infinite. When they mentioned you as L Infinite, my mind spoke, 'Who the hell is he?'

Later on, when I finally knew k-pop by heart, I looked back to that show you were on. I was impressed by your face, of course. Hee. And damn! Why didn't I look at him before? I first listened to Infinite song, BTD during Music Bank in Tokyo. They were so lucky to watch you danced on the stage. As usual, Infinite rocked the performance!

Starting from that day, I began paying attention to you guys. Soon, without realizing, I'm an Inspirit. I watched your MVs, your show. My eyes were glued on you alone. But, I learned to know the rest of Infinite members 'cause of you. They are just as awesome as you. Our granpa Sunggyu, Namgrease, Choding, Dancing Hoya, Baby Dongwoo, and Maknae Diva.

There were times when I started to cheat on you (sorry :/) as I fall for the leader for his unique voice. But, when I watched you again and again and again and again, I knew that you own my heart :) There's no doubt about it. You're just amazing. Outside, you might seem cold,, but you're actually a warmth person. Not to mention weird and a derp and weird. But we, Inspirit, love you for those uniqueness.

Thanks, for being there for me, not literally there for me, but just your existence makes me continue to live on. Whenever I feel sad, you shove away that cloudy day. Whenever I feel depressed, you bring the rainbow for me. Seriously, you inspire me, as a girl, as a fan and most important, as a person.

You taught me how being different is a good thing. How to keep doing what you love and still be awesome (sorry, Barney's virus) I mean, when I saw your face, I know that whatever happens in my life is for my good cause. I'll keep supporting you, now and forever, infinitely.

There are so many things I wanted to say to you. But I just can't. I mean, you're a celebrity, I'm just a fan. You're meant to be on stage, I'm meant to be in the crowd (someday) I hope that I am one of your true fans those you cherish. Because I will always keep you locked in my heart, as Kim Myungsoo, the guy who made my life.

I adore you for everything. I truly love you, Kim Myungsoo.


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