Writing is My Moon of Remedy (?)

Hi there :) So I purposely writing this in English because I think nobody would actually care to read it. Not to brag or whatever, but it is what it is, okay?

Come to think of it, basically, I typed this for myself to read. And basically, I'm having a confrontation with my very own self. So, can I curse? Okay, that would be a little far. Haha, I'm pretty much a lady like girl so I'll just curse in my mind. Hope no one will feel offend. Wait, who am I kidding? Why would any one feels offended if no one is actually reading this except for me. LOL

First, I want to talk about my undying love for K-pop. Yes, I'm a K-pop lover. My love for the idols grows stronger everyday. I know that a lot of the Malaysian are bashing them. Even among my peers, the answer is obvious. They despise them. Like, 'apa la yang best sangat?' or 'agung-agung kan lah artis luar tuh.'

Okay, seriously, they have their own charms. Why are you being so judging people? It's not like our local artists are that great. Sorry, didn't mean to be rude but the words themselves sounded rude. To set the record straight, what I really mean is, if you don't want people to start talking bad about this country's celebrities, then, don't even think about bashing others' loves.

I'm not finished yet, I mean, I really respect them. I know there're issues on how gay they are or how most of them are going under the knife. But, put those stupid things aside, they're deserved a standing ovation for conquering the whole world excellently. Not just in Asia, but worldwide. I think you should take the positive side of them and use it to improve yourselves.

Okay, wait. Why am I referring 'you' when it is actually 'me'? :D If you know what I mean. I mean, if I know what I mean. xD Whatever then, how about a picture? As a commercial. There you go. Some random Nalena moments.

Hehe, back to what I've been thinking about recently is the fact that I'm going older and older that I have to leave my childish mind in a big hole and bury it. But actions speak louder than words. Meaning, I can't seem to find myself being really mature when I'm with my dorky friends. Oh, now I'm starting to think how are our lives going to be the point we'll part from each other? It must be a tearful moment for us.

But now, what really tearing me up inside is that TOP is going to be here like the freaking first time and omg omg omg omg omg omg the tickets are like the hell? A bit expensive. I mean if you're one of the rich brats, it shouldn't be a problem but me. Me, a retired teacher's daughter. Tell me, how am I to be begging my parents to buy me at least the cheapest ticket which cost above a hundred? Sigh.

I guess that's my only destiny. I can only look at my tabbie guy from the screen. I really really hope that one day, one day, I'll finally meet him and my others K-pop idols. Like seriously, I believe I will. Well, not any sooner but I will. It's better late than never, right?

Lastly, I really need put a faith in myself to change. I mean, SPM is just around the corner, not at the other side of the world anymore. So, yeah. I need to work out my ass off to really excel. But again actions speak louder than words. It's not easy. But, I'll try my best. Okay, that should wrap everything I think.

My cool husband ^^ Don't flirt with others, okay?

Bye guys (haha, very funny)

p/s : HAHA, kalau ada yang betul-betul baca, I memang tak tahu nak cakap apa :p