Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home

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Last Friday night. I pergi tengok Harry Potter 7 part II. Masa masuk wayang, rasa nerbes dan eksaited. Masa keluar wayang rasa sedih berbaur gembira berbaur terharu. It's finally ended. My amazing childhood. Dah habis. Selama 10 tahun. Dah habis dalam masa beberapa jam je. Dan dan, sedih nya hati I bukan kepalang. Lepas ni, takde filem Harry Potter lagi dah. *amek tisu, hembus hingus*


Now, I need to give my gratitude to those casts and members. *mulakan!*

To the Malfoys

Draco, thanks for showing protection for your ultimate rival.

To the Phoenixs

Dear Remus and Tonks, thanks for your wondrous magic skills and for sacrificing yourselves
to make a happier world for your son.

Dear McGonagall, thanks for always believe in Harry and protecting Hogwarts.

Dear Hagrid, thanks for bringing Harry the good news that had changed his life forever.

Dear Mr and Mrs Weasley, thanks for your warm hearts in keeping Harry felt loved.

Dear Sirius, thanks for giving Harry a chance to be loved by a father and the loyalty towards your best friends.

To the Lions

Dear Seamus and Dean, thanks for always be there and got the trio's backs.

To the Defense Against The Dark Art

Dear Luna, thanks for being the weirdo you are yet the one Harry always listen to.

Dear Neville, thanks for being the man who shouted out his true feeling and stand up against the enemy with bravery.

To the Weasleys

Dear George, thanks for your witty and sense of humor that crack everyone.

Dear Freddie, thanks for your determination to protect your loves until the moment you die.

Dear Ginny, thanks for holding on to Harry and love him almost the rest of your life.

To the Principals

Dear Dumbledore, thanks for loving Harry and protecting him , for all your deeds and devoting your life for love.

Dear Snape, thanks for loving Harry's mother for your whole life after all this time, always.

To the Bestfriends

Dear Hermione, thanks for your intelligence and brilliance, the passion you had showed, the love you always gave, thanks for the most wonderful time of Ron's life.

Dear Ron, thanks for never leaving Harry and always stay beside him, for your senseless comments and foolishness that had caught Hermione's heart.

To The One Who Must Not Be Named

Dear Tom, thanks for giving an adventure of life time to Harry. Thanks for hunting him since the day he was given birth and turned him into who he is now. Thanks for making him famous and remembered.

To The Boy Who Lived

Dear Harry, thanks for showing passion, love, patience, strong will, witty, determination, weakness and awesomeness throughout your whole life. Thanks for deciding your own fate and never giving up. Thanks for your forgiveness you showed towards other.


Dear J.K Rowling, thanks for EVERYTHING, the wonderful childhood, the amazing amazing piece of art. My life has finally completed now.

To The Potterheads

Dear loves, on this our most dreaded and awaited day, be strong like Neville, positive like Luna, reasonable like Hermione, passionate like Ron, brave like Harry, and remember every precious moment like Snape. Good luck.


Kan I dah cakap? Ada yang terus shut down komputer akibat menyampah dengan entry yang panjang ni. Sampai nak amek kayu hentak PC. Hmm, melebih sangat tuh. Hehe. I tak expect ada orang akan baca entry kali ni. Anyhow, this is the special post for Harry Potter. After all this time.

Happy Belated Birthday, Danny ^^

Okey dah. Bye.

p/s: Semalam kesejukan dari pagi sampai petang ^^