This Is Our Temporary Home

These days, I've been watching American Idol Season 10. I must say, I really moved. I mean, they're all inspirational. Some of them come from a broken background, some of them lost someone in their life, some of them get picked on a lot, some of them are really young or really old. And they are after for one thing. To prove to everyone that they deserve to be happy, to prove that even though they struggled a lot, they still allowed to smile and share the joy.

If you're a kdrama freak, then you must know about KBSW's latest project, Dream High. 2PM's Taecyeon and Woo Young are there. And the drama is about an art school, 5 friends work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars. At first, they started as the neglected students where they are placed in the regular college track class. My enthusiasm grows bigger with Glee Season 2 is on air. 2011 started really well for me :)

By the way, tomorrow is February 14, of course to us Muslims, it is just another Monday.