You Blow My Mind

Aww, tak sabarny nk tgok bln 11 neh.

Seriously, I cannot wait. Nk tgok Eclipse, Step Up, The Last Song, The Last Airbender. Habis kopak pn lantak la. Pduli ape ;pp Jnji puas dpt tgok. Hoho. Also, I'm collecting money n trying really hard to lose weights. I wanna try Ameir's method, don't eat rice. He told me that he didn't eat rice fr a year. Haa, I was like seriously?! Ameir gelak2 ckap, betul la. But, he lost weight. He was once a 'gempal' boy, skrg xlgi :))

Ouh and my girl, Apiz bought a skirt and legging. She never dress like that before. So, I'm looking frward to see how she would look like. And July, got presents to buy. Ade birthday boy n girl. Mmg kopak la bln neh -.-

p/s : hmw(s) brlmbak