Hello, hello

This is fun, amusing :) You guys, shud watch this.

And I have to send a 'greeting/description' abt arwah Wawa to Mr Ho tomorrow. Too sad to start a move. I cannot move my pen to jot down anything. *Pause.

How shud I start? Do I have to tell abt my first day meeting him or when we dare each other to join a bet? Or the time he always there to hear my stories? Or when we rushed to get the MU magazine? Or when he taught me maths? Or the time when he acted as bomoh during PLBS in f2? Or was it when he danced for SUKMA Melaka opening and closing? Or shud I write abt the time he told me he had a crush on this girl? Or when he helped me solved my fight with my girlfriends? Or when he managed to cut me in class?

Which ones? Tell me?
Okay, now I'm starting to cry :'(