Al- Fatihah,

I never thought that Friday was the last day I could hear from you. On that day, u'were teasing me, your usual routine, about Germany's loss and u told me that u're Spain's supporters. And then, u got something else to catch up on. If I knew back then was the last time u will ever teased me, I would spend more times to listen to yr jokes, more times to ask u about yr day, more times to tell u my story, more times to spend with u. But, I didn't know anything about fate or death. It is God's power. Suddenly, Sunday morning, I got a shocking phone call from Anum, sending me the bad news that I never had expected. And the fact that I will never gonna see you ever again really tears me apart, into pieces. I lost a classmate, a friend n a brother. And I'm hoping the best for you. May u be put among the good and the pious. Amin.

Wan Wazizi Mahamat

22/10/1994 ---- 11/07/2010